"YOU ARE THE FUTURE UNDERGROUND. We who are Christians represent the Church to come. In the future, as we become the leaders of the faith, we will find ourselves as strangers in a strange land. As the world becomes more evil and dark, our faith will be put to the test. But we whould not be afraid, for God is with us and He will sustain us. We should be looking forward to the return of Christ more and more each year. It is important that we use this time on earth wisely, to spread the glorious Good News of Jesus Christ to friends and to the strangers that we meet. The Bible says `we are called to minister the gospel.' This means all of us, not just some of us. We are given gifts from the Spirit to help us in the commission of our ministry. There's not one of us who is exempt from this Great Commission.

"Some of you might think you are an unusable `vessel,' but this is not true. God has given you gifts which may still be hidden from you because of a lack of confidence. But those gifts will come out as you obey Him in the little things and desire to do more for His Kingdom. Also, you are empowered in ways that you might not yet quite understand. For instance, do you understand that you have authority over Satan when he tries to tempt you or confuse you? Scripture says, `resist the Devil and he will flee far from you.' By simple resistance we are saying NO. Satan does not have the strength to overcome our still and peaceful resolve. If you are troubled in your life by temptation, by the animosity of former friends, by the stress of circumstances, remember - Satan has no right to bother you, and he has no lasting power over you, because of what Christ did for us at the cross.

"Also, remember that through prayer you have the ability to help change situations and even to help other people change their lives. Your prayers are not without effect. You have been called by Christ unto salvation; not to the comfort of middle class morality, or to the protected life of a privileged believer, but to be a servant of righteousness and to stand in you raith as a warrior in Christ. You are called to stand on the battlefield of our age, redeemed and set aside to fight, side by side, with other brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are Children of the Light and are called to do battle with the Darkness. DO no be afraid. God will not ask you to do something which you cannot do. We are not solely responsible for the advancement of His Kingdom on earth. God Himself is in charge of all such things. But we are, without question, responsible for our own obedience.

God's blessings to you as you begin the year 1995 and this world takes one step closer to the return of Christ. As many on earth focus upon the year 2000, we should focus instead upon the Middle East, the prophecies of the Bible, and the expectation of joy as God's spirit is more increasingly poured out upon men in anticipation of Christ's return. We should continue to praise God as we struggle to walk in His light and follow His leading, spreading the gospel. Remember that despite whatever sufferings you perceive to be working upon you, and against you, God is with you and you are His child. Be of good cheer and give thanks to God."

THE FUTURE UNDERGROUND NEWSLETTER is written to encourage you and, occasionally, bring up contemporary issues for some to think and pray about. Street Level Ministries began 25 years ago, in 1970, when Larry Norman released the album Street Level. When he set up Street Level Productions, Incorporated, he did not apply for non-profit status, and he did not ask for donations. He wanted the opportunity for failure to be overcome by God's Providence. He wanted God to seal the ministry by the overcoming of all obstacles. He set up his office on Hollywood Boulevard, down near La Brea, where the runaways gathered and the prostitutes and homosexuals stood in doorways and practiced their trade. When a "sex boutique" opened for business on the ground floor, Larry didn't budge. HE believed that where there is great darkness, the light of Christ can be seen more easily. He was happy to have more people to tell the Good News to.

Street Level was very successful, spiritually. Larry witnessed to Randy Stonehill, Keith Green and others who became Christians. Larry started a ministry with Ken Gulliksen called The Vineyard, which has now grown to more than 300 churches around the world. Larry started Solid Rock Records and released albums by Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, Daniel Amos and others, at a time when Christian Rock music was still very controversial. His airplane accident in 1978 lowered his public visibility until, now, many young Christians are not familiar with his name. But it was Larry's music that inspired U2 to form a band - not to mention Randy Stonehill, Keith Green, Michael W. Smith, Steve Camp, Russ Taff, and many others to undertake a music ministry. Larry has been called "The Father of Christian Rock" by journalists because he first began writing music in 1956 and then recording it on Capitol Records in 1966 - many years before other artists tried their hand at it.

CCM Magazine reported that Larry's album Only Visiting This Planet was voted the most influential album in the history of modern Christian music. His most recent album, Stranded in Babylon, was named "album of the year" by almost every gospel magazine in Europe. (It never had an official debut in America because Larry's heart attack in 1992 delayed its eventual release for over two years.) Despite his ill health, he is still working to help advance the Kingdom. In 1994 Larry helped campaign to raise votes for the Stop Child Pornography issue on the State Ballot and celebrated his seventh year of ministry to the runaways and abused kids who are helped through the proctor homes and foster care of the CCPC outreach. 1995 is a special time of celebration for us. Welcome to the 25th Anniversary Year of Street Level Ministries.

FUTURE CDs: In the future we hope to see the re-release of "classic" albums by artists such as Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, Daniel Amos and others. These albums constitute part of the bedrock of modern, "contemporary" gospel music which as grown from the earlier works of these special artists. Please let us know what albums you hope to see in the future.

Link to the catalogue to see what is available from Street Level.

MUSICAL UPDATE: Larry's Pushing Back The Darkness, perhaps his final studio album, has been delayed because Larry hasn't been well enough to work on the album more than occasionally. Different musicians have donated their time and work to the project. His brother, Charly, and other artists might be called upon to finish the unrecorded vocal parts, should something happen to Larry.

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