New releases winter 95 -96

DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline,
Geoff Moore and the Distance, Code of Ethics,
Dana Kye, Rebecca St.James, Holy Soldier,
Big Tent Revival, and many other great artists

These artists have joined together to create a special "tribute" style album: ONE WAY - THE SONGS OF LARRY NORMAN. The album was not recorded with the "tribute" concept in mind, however. It's more than a loose collection of artists who have recorded Larry's songs. It is one record company's gesture of unity toward an artist who has influenced both the executives and the artists on the label. Forefront Records created this musical homage to the vision and longevity of Larry's music and ministry. In the booklet, Dan Brock and Eddy DeGarmo who run the label explain the personal impact Larry has had upon their lives.

This joint project between Forefront artists reveals some new musical colors for artists like DC TALK, who sing the ballad "I Wish We'd All Been Ready". GEOFF MOORE and The Distance glide through "U.F.O." and Geoff's earlier Number One CCM chart version of "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music". HOLY SOLDIER delivers a slow pounding version of "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus". If you like your music danceable, then you've got Code of Ethics doing "Nothing Really Changes". If you want mellow, check out E.T.W. grooving with "If God Is My Father".
AUDIO ADRENALINE, who blew everybody's mind and wore out the audience's dancing shoes on the DC TALK tour, enthusiastically tear their way through "Righteous Rocker". SERENE AND PEARL float through "One Way". MICHAEL ANDERSON takes a totally different approach to "Shot Down" while BIG TENT REVIVAL brings "The Great American Novel" into the present day political arena. John Hampton has done a beautiful remix on DANA KEY's stretched out, California West Coast rock -rhythmed desperado treatment of "The OutLaw".
The delightful REBECCA ST. JAMES sings her heart out on "Sweet Song of Salvation". The Gen-X speakes as GRAMMATRAIN cranks up the anti-war machine on "I Am The Six O'Clock News". For those who like the blues, Texas sod-buster LARRY HOWARD growls through "The Rock That Doesn't Roll".


ONE - ONE WAY - THE SONGS OF LARRY NORMAN, CD AND CASSETTE: DC Talk, Geoff Moore, Code Of Ethics, Holy Soldier, and other talented artists have taken a completley different approach to Larrry's songs. The songs were produced with great care, and do not sound like they were financed with B-Side budgets like many other tribute albums.


TWO - BIRTHDAY BALLROOM VIDEO: Larry and his friends celebrate his birthday with a special concert and some home movie clips. This is the only video Larry has made which looks into his personal surroundings and reveals bits of his daily life.

THREE - LIVE AND KICKING VIDEO: And totally professional. This ONE HOUR video has a 4 color jacket box with digitally composted photos. The production inside is just as modern. It was produced and directed by Brad Mix and his crew. It shows Larry on tour with good friend Brander McDonald and contains a straight-on interview. It will hit your stores, probably sometime around Christmas but you can get it now, immediately, and you can buy it at AIR STORE PRICES.


FOUR - LARRY @ SIMPSON: Yes, Larry has become a Simpson character and is none the worse for it, apparently. An illustration of Larry as a Simpsonite was drawn by the illustrator of the Simpson comic books as a gift to Larry to help raise money for his operation. In this special packet, in addition to the original lithograph of Larry as a Simpson character, is a comic book signed by Bill Morrison, the illustrator. Also included is a Chris Yambar comic, signed by Yambar. Earlier this year a lot of copies were ordered by a collector. Recently we became aware that this might become yet another underground item with a super-high price tag, so we are selling all of the copies we have at half the price of the underground cost. This is a strictly limitded edition item. Only 100 copies had been made. Each package is signed and numbered to guarantee its authendicity and rarity. Our fixed price is stable at the amount suggested by the Yambar and Morrison.


FIVE - WE NEED A WHOLE LOT MORE OF JESUS T-shirt: This is the original People album cover concept for Larry's first album released by Capitol Records.

SIX - LARRY / SELF-PORTRAIT T-Shirt: Larry did his own artwork on this design. This self-portrait has been popular with everybody at the few concerts Larry did recently. Even kids like this shirt.

SEVEN - PSYCHEDELIC STREET LEVEL T-shirt: This was drawn by Larry as a part of his personal design series of T-Shirts. It is available in a very impressive looking black puff ink on black, or black ink on white.

EIGHT - LARRY / ELECTRIC GUITAR T-Shirt: This is the only rock and roll style shirt we've ever created, using an in-concert rock performance photo of Larry playing the electric guitar with a band.

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