by Larry Norman

I Hope I'll See You In Heaven
As recorded by Larry Norman on Come as a Child
( First 2 verses are acappella on the album )

When you first begin your journey
            A               E
you're not sure of who you are

and the lessons that you're learning,
            A       B7       E
they don't seem to take you far.
And you just can't keep from stumbling,
           F#m7           C#m7
though you try so hard to stand,
and the truth can be so humbling 
          A       B7        E
when it's just beyond your hand.

As though youth were my invention.
           A             E
As though love lay undefined.

To stay fee was my intention,
          A       B7   E
to stay young and unconfined.
And so I held my pride above you.
      F#m7             C#m7
Oh yes, what a fool was I,
holding back those words I love you
             A        B7        E Esus E
and letting out that word good-bye.

CHORUS:  ( words are changed slightly each time )
E        A     G#m7
I was wrong to let you go.
F#m7                G#m7                   C#m7  A
I was a child and I did not know about the love
                          E  Esus E
that we both could have given.
                A           G#m7
And now you've gone so far away.
F#m7                G#m7
I hope I'll see you again some day
             C#m7  A
but if I don't,
                          E  Esus E    
I hope I'll see you in heaven.

B7   A G#m7 F#m7 E Esus E ( skip this line on the last chorus )
. . . . . . . . . . . . . 

I was foolish in my younger days
     A                 E
to think they'd never end.
Life confused me with it's changing ways
       A         B7     E
and I could not comprehend
all the meaning in those moments,
              F#m7               C#m7
now lost like foot prints in the sand.
And I'm standing here remembering
             A      B7     E Esus E
but It's so hard to understand.

I've been  sitting in this garden 
         A           E
in the middle of my days
and my memories fade and harden
        A          B7   E
as the years they slip away.
And been looking in this mirror 
       F#m7          C#m7
at the age around my eyes.
Time is such an earnest laborer,
precession is his neighbor.
        A           E
Lay my body in the ground
             A     B7        E  Esus E
but let my spirit touch the sky.

     C#m7               A           E   Esus  E
If I don't I hope I'll see you in heaven 
      C#m7              A           E   Esus  E 
If I don't I hope I'll see you in heaven 

transcribed by Brian

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