This is an edited version of the April 1998 on-line interview. The full version is also available

[LarryNorman] Tell me when you receive this message

[TimZz] test now

[LarryNorman] Hey getting this?

[MattiasPe] I see you!
[MattiasPe] Yes I get your message!

[LarryNorman] Tell me when

[TimZz] now

[MattiasPe] now

[TimZz] hi

[LarryNorman] nnn

[MattiasPe] I just saw you on the camera, Larry!

[LarryNorman] Hello MattiasPe

[MattiasPe] Hello Larry!!

* AxeElf waves hello... \o

[LarryNorman] I waved back

[DMurex] Hello All

[AlanR] hello Larry

[LarryNorman] Hello D and A

[LarryNorman] Where are you from.

[AxeElf] Earth

[AlanR] Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

[DMurex] I am from Gainesville, Florida. I met you in Jacksonville at the concert with Tony from Murry Hill

[LarryNorman] DMurex was the 100th person to respond to the trivia quiz, as I recall.

[DMurex] Yess, I won because of the valient efforts of the other 99

[LarryNorman] What did you win in the trivia quiz contest?

[DMurex] I chose some videos of previous concerts including the birthday one, now that it is your birthday party
[DMurex] Thanks for the videos

[Tormod] hi guys

[LarryNorman] Hi tormod

[LarryNorman] Are you Tormod Eikill who played with me in the band in Norway?

[Tormod] yes

[LarryNorman] Everybody say hello to Doctor Tim over in Ireland. He's the man behind the curtain.

[AlanR] great job Tim!

[RokkinRolf] Yo, Tim Man

* AxeElf applauds the good Doctor.

[Mike_D] Hiyas Tim!

[Markus] Hello Doctor Tim *g*

[Shaaron] Hi Doctor Tim!!!

[DMurex] Doctor Tim, thanks for all your hard work with the web site and here

[Tormod] hi, tim

[SCOTTYG] shallom yim
[SCOTTYG] im mean tim

***** I didn't have time to respond here - so here's a belated thanks!
I see I'm described as "the man behind the curtain" - does that meant that I haven't been released yet? I guess the world just isn't ready for me.... ;-) Tim *****

[Shaaron] Hi Larry, I am also from Ireland, and am looking forward to your concert in Belfast on 12th May - CAN'T WAIT (Sharon)

[LarryNorman] Hi Shaaron, yeh I think the Irish concert will be fun.

[Johan_d_K] Larry are you doing an European tour?

[LarryNorman] Yeh, I'm going to Holland on the first of May and then...

[Johan_d_K] I know I'll see you may 2 in Utrecht

[MurkyVibe] Hi Larry....
[MurkyVibe] We're from New Zealand
[MurkyVibe] Any plans to come to New Zealand?

[SCOTTYG] Hows your heart doing Brother larry
[RokkinRolf] Larry, how is your health these days?

[LarryNorman] My heart is fine. I am fine. No plans to go to New Zealand right now.

[MurkyVibe] Oh well hopefully the Lord will giveyou direction to come to New Zealand

[LarryNorman] To come to New Zealand would require that a promoter from NZ would have to invite me.

[MurkyVibe] I'd invitew you to NewZealand

[Letusreasn] My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew saw you in Chicago at a small coffee shop last year and you mentioned cancer. How are you?

[LarryNorman] The doctor operated on the cancer and it's fine for now.

[Markus] Are you planing any concerts in germany?

[LarryNorman] No plans to go to Germany right now.

[Markus] A pity...But I still hope that you will come to day....

[AlanR] Larry, thanks for releasing Upon This Rock on CD, it's something I've been waiting for, for a long time

[AxeElf] yeah, I thought the original tapes of "Upon This Rock" were destroyed in a fire or something....

[LarryNorman] The warehouse in England burned down. But they didn't have to only tapes.

[SCOTTYG] any E.T.A on the new albom

[LarryNorman] No ETA on the new album CYBERIA but if you hang around, later today I'm going to give you some
[LarryNorman] some new music on the Internet, like last year, only this time new songs I've never
[LarryNorman] never released before.

[ChazPerx] Larry, If I wanted to hear "you life story" when would I go?

[LarryNorman] I don't have a life story. Maybe when I'm finished living I'll get one.

[Yavin] Hey Larry greetings from Ireland!! I have a friend here from Oregon (La Garnde) he wants to know if you will be at the Tom Fest this year in the art barn?

[LarryNorman] I don't think I'll be at Tom Fest this year. I might be in the studio with People! making a new album.

[Yavin] we'll miss you in the art were great last year and we loved the song with Grammatrain (Rick from Oregon)

[MurkyVibe] Larry Street level should have Credit card options?...:(

[LarryNorman] MurkyVibe, maybe Street Level will have CC options in a month or so.

[ChazPerx] Where to go for CUseeme?
[PaulParisi] {Where do I go for CUSeeMe?}

[LarryNorman] Ask Doctor Tim where to go for CUseeme. He can help you. Right now I can't help....

[ShelleyEh] for CUCME
[JosefATP] go here
[TimZz] CuSeeMe at

[Letusreasn] Larry, will you be at Cornerstone this year?

[LarryNorman] Maybe I'll go to Cornerstone. Or I might be in the studio with my old band.

[Shaaron] Larry, what is your favourite CD/album (of your own) (shaaron)

[LarryNorman] Shaaron. I give different albums to different people. Planet to intellectual and sarcastic people. Land to those who think life is great and they don't see the problems.
[LarryNorman] I give Something New to people who are depressed or overwhelmed. And on and on like that. I don't have a favorite.

[ShelleyEh] Stephanie says hello Larry (my 6 year old daughter)
[ShelleyEh] How is Michael?

[LarryNorman] Michael is fine. He should make a musical appearance today.

[Michael_A_D] how old is Michael now?

[LarryNorman] Michael is twelve. Thirteen on August 17.

[SHAS] What were some of the ky issues you and Kieth Green shared

[LarryNorman] Keith Green used to come by my office before he was a Christian. After almost two years of debate he came to the Bible study at my apartment and join
[LarryNorman] joined or rather began his Christian life. We had a lot in common.

[SHAS] I sure would of liked to be there during some of you and kieth Greens conversations

[Filbert] Hi Larry, Thanks for all the great music over the years! Your music really helped me in my earlier walk with the Lord...

[LarryNorman] Hi Filbert.

[LarryNorman] Jim!!!!!

[jconarro] I quit and came back. it worked.

[BrentP] Howdy Larry! I've heard recently that you're planning on reissuing the entire Solid Rock back catalog, including two of my favorites, Welcome To Paradise & Horrendous Disc!! Is this true? I sure hope so!

[LarryNorman] BrentP, yes.

[BrentP] That's great Larry! Thanks!

[LarryNorman] Mike D, whas up bro.

[Michael_A_D] Hey Larry - I've missed you a lot

[Tormod] larry - do you often run across cover versions of your stuff?

[LarryNorman] Tormod, there has been over 300 cover versions that I am aware of.

[SCOTTYG] Is charlie there also ?

[LarryNorman] -as Charly Norman ---Yeah...I'm here. Hey Tormod, Meurer, and Conarro!

[jconarro] Howdeee, Charles!
[Tormod] hello, charly!
[Filbert] Hi Charles, love ya on the BASS!
[DMurex] Hi Charly, good to hear your voice!
[PaulParisi] HI Charley!
[Michael_A_D] Hi Charley - it's been a long time, bro.
[jconarro] Charles, great job on the Jesus Freak cover!

[LarryNorman] MMMmmmm. Breakfast. ***** Homer Simpson?? - Tim *****

[Tormod] breakfast? what time is it?
[JDsmith] Isn't it lunch time?
[JosefATP] Dinner time in germany :-)
[Yavin] We've just had some fish and chips here!
[MurkyVibe] 6 in the morning in New Zealand [Filbert] I look forward to leaving space-time and stepping into eternity with Jesus...
[Yavin] Amen

[LarryNorman] I don't usually eat breakfast until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Right now it's almost 12.

[Filbert] I'm drinkin' Mango Juice...

[LarryNorman] Mmmm. Mango. ***** It really is Homer Simpson!! - Tim *****

[JDsmith] yuck!

[Markus] Larry. There is one thing i wanted to tell you, since I've heard your first CD. And I really thank the Lord, that he gives me the opportunity to thank you for all your music. It really touched me and helped through the times of struggle. God bless you

[LarryNorman] Thank you Markus.

[JDsmith] Larry - are you in Oregon right now?

[LarryNorman] JD, yes. In Salem Oregon. I lived in L.A. since 1968. My father started getting Alzheimers and I decided I should take care of him.

[Yavin] Hey Larry are you looking forward to your upcoming Irish concert

[LarryNorman] Yes, I'm excited to go once again to Ireland. I must be part Irish because I just dig Belfast so much.


[TimZz] Larry is so Irish he's going to vote in the referrendum! (joke!)

[Yavin] Larry is a true Irish Rocker!!!

[jconarro] Larry, your thoughts on the Dove Awards.

[LarryNorman] I was in Nashville during GMA week. Marshall Wilcoxen from Columbia House gave me a ticket to the awards. I wanted to go in late and leave early but they lock the doors.
[LarryNorman] After the Doves were over I sang at Planet Hollywood with Randy Stonehill, Amy Grant, B.J. Thomas, Phil Keaggy and
[LarryNorman] and hung out with John Tesh and Andrae Crouch. I'm a member at Andrae's church but don't get to L.A. very often.

[TimZz] Larry: Andre is doing a concert in Belfast the same day as you!

[Yavin] Sounds like a great gig Larry
[BrentP] Larry, that must have been some show! Would've loved to see you with Randy & Phil!

[LarryNorman] The Planet Hollywood gig was a party for CCM Magazine, celebrating its 20th year.

[MattiasPe] Have you ever met Van Morrison?

[LarryNorman] I played with Van Morrison two shows a night for seven days back in 1967. Then I played again in Holland in 1981 with Van the Man.

[SCOTTYG] wow hows randy is he still making new music
[ShelleyEh] Larry did you know Rich Mullins?

[LarryNorman] Randy has a new album coming out. I didn't know Rich Mullins very well. I was doing concerts
[LarryNorman] concerts so often since 1966, sometimes 200 a year, that I got to meet almost everyone, but you can't get to know every
[LarryNorman] everybody very intimately, because you see each other for short periods of time.

[howardr] Larry do you have any thoughts about Linda McCarney's death? Did u know her?
[Sunsetter] Yes Larry, I was wondering the same thing, Did you know Paul and Linda McCartney?

[LarryNorman] Linda's brother is a longtime Christian. Paul knows about Jesus, too. Maybe the eye of a needle is sometimes working overtime.

[Filbert] Anybody here like Delerious?

[Yavin] Yeah delirious rock
[Johan_d_K] Yes, Delirious is great

[LarryNorman] Delirious is cool. I've talked with all of them. Andy from After the Fire is their producer.

[Ed^L] Larry when you first started out playing Jesus Rock solo where and how did you get places to play?

[LarryNorman] When I first started doing "Jesus rock" there was NO place to perform.

[Ed^L] so what did ya do???

[LarryNorman] In the early days, I sang in the schoolyard during 1956. It wasn't a booking it was an outreach. I did self made spontaneous combustion gigs.

[Ed^L] Larry how did you get booking then if there was no place to play?
[Ed^L] Larry I'm really curious how you could get a career going if there was no place to play Jesus Rock

[LarryNorman] Then I sang for Ted Mack's Amateur hour, maybe in 58 or 59 and I really never thought of it as a gig situation but a ministry.

[Ed^L] Larry you didn't expect to make a living from it then?

[LarryNorman] I didn't try to make a living from it when I was nine, no.
[LarryNorman] When I was eighteen I signed with Capitol Records and by then I didn't live at home. So then, yes.

[jconarro] what do you think about the Gathered Moments CD?

[LarryNorman] Gathered Moments has some songs I only sang once. I didn't even remember them until I heard the CD.

[jconarro] Woman Not a Maid is one special song. It reminded me how special my wife is and how selfish I can be.
[jconarro] I hope you'll do a studio version of it one day.

[LarryNorman] I recorded a studio version of Woman Not A Maid maybe twenty years ago. They thought I made it up on stage. Maybe it sounded llike I was makeing
[LarryNorman] making it up because I was having trouble remembering the chords.

[Tormod] larry - how often do you get a haircut?

[LarryNorman] I cut my hair all the time. I just grows really fast. I don't think about it, really. It's just always been there on top of my head.

[ShelleyEh] My daughter said it must take Larry a million hours to dry his hair

[Letusreasn] Larry, do you ever play the electric guitar? I have neve seen you even hold one in concert or on video [solidd] Larry: every time I've seen you in concert, you've used a classical guitar-still doing that? Do you have one that you've used for a long time?

[LarryNorman] Yes, I usually, almost always, use my Mexican guitar. Except when the airlines lose it for a day or two.

[Yavin] Hey Larry ..Happy Birthday man...we've been teaching youth leaders here in Dublin all day and we need to go eat etc now..hope to catch you later.

[LarryNorman] Have a nice meal with your friends, Yavin.

[Bry777] LARRY: Did you ever meet PETER GREEN??? He seems like an interesting dude!

[LarryNorman] Peter Green, maybe. I don't remember so probably not.

[Tormod] Peter Green played in Norway last summer...

[Bry777] Tormod: Did you go? Did he do any spiritual songs?

[Tormod] No, I didn't. He showed up on a blues festival. Two guitarsi

[Bry777] Songs like SEVEN STARS etc. about Revelation.

[Tormod] Two guitarists, Snowy White was one of them, wanted to give a Peter Green tribute concert. Well, Peter showed up on stage and said he was not dead yet...

[Bry777] LARRY: Did you ever hear any of Peter Greens Christian songs?

[LarryNorman] Yeh, did Peter Green do any gospel songs?

[Bry777] Yeah - he did an album around 1979

[Shaaron] Larry, What do you think of the N. Ireland Peace Agreement? When you are over on tour do you think you could say some words of encouragement to the local press. If only people could hear your words, it may help bring peace in this country, or better still it would be great if you could appear on our Local TV at newstime. (shaaron)

[LarryNorman] I might do a t.v. thing in Ireland.

[Filbert] Larry, do you still do the odd ministry "gig" incognito?

[LarryNorman] Filbert, yes. Sometimes I do a concert or a short set without people knowing who I am. The truth still belongs to God and it does iits work.

[MurkyVibe] Larry it is quite hard to get any of your cds over here in NZ......
[MurkyVibe] Wish it was easier 2 get CDS to NZ

[LarryNorman] MurkyVibe. You can get CDs from Street Level at

[Letusreasn] How about putting all of your videos on DTV's?

[LarryNorman] Well, I wouldn't release my videos on BVDs.

[TimZz] Larry: if you had the choice, would you like to go back to the 60s or stay in the 90s (assuming that you were the same age in both)??

[LarryNorman] I'd want to go back and visit all of the decades and do a better job than I did before. I could greatly improve my ministry as a nine year old now, with what I've learned.

[TimZz] Larry: cool answer - thanks

[Letusreasn] Larry, when are you going to finish the series of albums that started with SLATG?

[LarryNorman] SLATG wasn't the starting point for any series that I know of. It was album #6.

[Letusreasn] But you say "Island in the sky is number nine" and that was never released. I guess I just assumed there was a series.

[LarryNorman] Yes, there was a series and IITS was number 9. If I hadn't damaged my brain in the plane maybe a LOT of things would have turned out differently in my life. But God is in ultimate control, and I just have to relax and trust Him.

[solidd] Larry: what do you think about the movement in CCM to "clean up" Christian music and put the focus back on the Gospel? (your music has always been solid on the message, in my opinion)
[Hodge] What do you think about Steve Camp's recent call to Reformation in CCM?

[LarryNorman] My dear friend Steve Camp could have spoken up sooner. Everybody should have.

[MurkyVibe] Larry u think and support all that SC said???

[LarryNorman] I have no idea what Steve said. What did he say?

[MurkyVibe] Larry SC wrote a thesis thingy calling the Christian music industry to get back to the original ideals it once had
[MurkyVibe] just like when u were in it?

[Snaktoo] Steve Camp has said that CCM has been taken over by secular companies and that
[Snaktoo] CCM artists (not all, but many) are not talking enough about Jesus

[LarryNorman] CCM was taken over in 1975 and Steve and I talked about it back then. But I went public with my observations and got trounced for it.

[Snaktoo] Steve Camp is really getting slammed for his views, much like you about the industry

[LarryNorman] I have no idea what is happening any more because I disconnected from everything around 1980 and lmoved to Europe.

[Ed^L] Larry are you still in contact with Alwyn WAll?

[LarryNorman] Yes, I see Alwyn once in a while. I love that guy to pieces. I still have a cassette tape I made sitting on the grass in Sherwood Forest whiile Malcolm and Alwyn made me a tape of their songs for the album I was going to produce. TThat was in 1971.
[LarryNorman] Fool's Wisdom ended up getting produced by others because Dave Payne took over their ministry and I was in America when they wanted to go into the studio.

[TimZz] Malcolm and Alwyn Live is one of the best live albums that I have heard - super album

[PaulParisi] Larry, got to go... I may be back later... have a great party, say hi to Charley too. Again, I am really glad God made you.

[LarryNorman] PaulParisi, Charly says HI.
[LarryNorman] PaulParisi, I say hello as well.

[PaulParisi] Hi

[solidd] Larry:I must go for now. You have been a blessing in my life and many of my friends. Thank you for your faithfulness to His calling. You are a class-one footwasher! :0)

[LarryNorman] solidd, see you later. God bless you.

<[Sunsetter] Mr. Norman, sir...are you planning on any concerts in Alberta, Canada. I know you were in Vancouver recently, however, I don't think it was the weekend so we weren't able to make it with work commitments.

[LarryNorman] Yes, I'm going back to Canada. You can check my site every now and then to see my schedule.

[Letusreasn] Larry, Rich Weaver (from the Jesus marches in the 70's) was at my church last week. He is still going strong. Would you be willing to hook up again. He said "oh man I love that guy"
[Letusreasn] He will be coming to our church on a semi-regular basis as the Lord is leading him. He unloaded on our mens group with both barrels. It was GREAT!!

[LarryNorman] Yeah, it would be great to talk to RichWeaver. Where can I reach him?

[rokker] Comming to Chicago anytime soon, Larry

[LarryNorman] Yeh, I should be near Chicago later this year. Like I did Jammin Java in the past.

[Ed^L] Larry are my questions bugging you or just a bit complex I'm sorry brother???

[LarryNorman] Ed'l, what questions?

[Ed^L] I keep asking you Larry about wisdom for example ,you sure are more clear in your talks than others.

[LarryNorman] What about wisdom, Ed'l? To fix CCM it has to start with each individual, caring more for others than yourself, caring more for the gospel instead of money.

[Shaaron] Larry, I was disconnected earlier, did you answer my question on the N Ireland peace agreement? Thanks (shaaron)

[LarryNorman] Shaaron, I'm glad you're back. the N Ireland Peace Agreement is an attempt by men to establish peace. They will need God to secvure it.

[Shaaron] Thanks, Larry (shaaron)

[LarryNorman] God bless you Shaaron.

[Tormod-Kian-Leif] Larry, i've tried this one before: do you know Frank Black?

[LarryNorman] Yes I know Frank. I wish I had talked to him earlier.

[DMurex] Larry, On several of your albums and inserts there has been a column "AS I See It" by LN. Were these published anywhere else ?

[LarryNorman] AS I SEE IT was first published in the Hollywood Free Paper.

[JDsmith] Larry, I have never seen you in concert, that's why I'm wondering if you will ever do one in Oregon.

[LarryNorman] JD, I am singing in Seaside on the third weekend in May. Check my site for details.

[Snaktoo] Larry: Do you think all Christian artists should be ministry oriented? (Like you!)

[LarryNorman] To me, ministry means to administer...medicine, truth, something which heals.
[LarryNorman] Shaking your booty and piercing your tongue is not a ministry, as I understand it. There has to be more than just reflecting the fashions and sounds of our times.

[Tormod-Kian-Leif] larry . what have you been reading lately?

[LarryNorman] I read several books at once. One is usually a novel of intrigue, another is usually a psych type reference book or Christian counseling book,

[Sunsetter] Do you Larry, or anyone, know of some good Christian music I could give to my brother. He is into drugs, I don't know all the different kinds, but lots. When my Dad passed away, we was stoned and I tried to speak with him and he got really upset and told me that he was going to beat me up. I didn't talk to him about Jesus, I just tried to tell him to cool it with the drugs because my Mum couldn't handle another loss. His brain is so frie
[Sunsetter] My husband & I gave him a Jars of Clay CD for Christmas and he still hasn't opened it. I have also given him Larry Norman stuff, but he won't even look at anything to do with Christianity

[LarryNorman] Give your brother BobDylan Slow Train Coming for starters.
[LarryNorman] Sunsetter, maybe you should give him Dylan and don't say it's about Jesus. He'll find out.

[Sunsetter] Thanks guys, I will try the Bob Dylan suggestion.

[Narz] Hi, Larry, long time no hear
[Narz] Larry, David Narz says hello from Las Vegas, is dat you mon

[Narz] [NARZ] 7935 Nookfield Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89117


[ShelleyEh] Do you have any recommendations for what artists teens 12-14 would like?

[LarryNorman] depens on the teens at this point LarryNorman got disconnected and rejoined as Larry

[JDsmith] Larry - how do you get through to people who are so used to manipulating people because of their drug habits? Many of them feel that God could never love them. How can I make an impact when I may only have a short time (an 8 hour hospital shift) to do so. What can I say that could lead them down the road to turning to Jesus? NA and AA don't seem to quite cut it with alot of these people.

[Larry] JDsmith. You can't "get through" to manipulative people. But of course God can. So when you talk to them, just try to be sensitivbe to the spirit and say the things that God gives you to say.

[keithR] larry, how does a person (meaing me) get to the point where they can forgive?

[Larry] KEITHR, recently I had a very powerful epiphany concerning forgiveness...
[Larry] To forgive someone you need to first ask God to forgive you for not forgiving them.
[Larry] Secondly, you must realize that if possible they need to hear you forgiving them. Write to them and let them know that you want them to forive YOU for not forgiving them sooner. And that you now are say9ing that it's ok what happened.
[Larry] You see, they may not think they need forgiveness. They may be angry if you say "I forgive you."

[Tormod-Leif] Larry, who is Kristin Stavang?

[Larry] -Tormod Kristin er Charles' kjaeresten fra Odda is Hardanger

[Tormod-Leif] Norway is full of beautiful girls, so I can understand your bro.

[Lateman] Larry, do you plan on doing any shows in South Florida soon? You may have answered but I got kicked out of the computer lab

[Snakker] Atlanta Larry? Please?

[Larry] South Not at present.
[Larry] Same answer regarding Atlanta.

[Filbert] Say larry, are you still a bit of a photographer??
[Filbert] Say Larry do you still do photography like on "So Long Ago the Garden"?
[Filbert] I love the apples with the nail polish!

[Larry] Yes I still do a lot of photography.

[Lateman] Larry, who is your favorite secular artist or band if you have one?

[Larry] I like Darrell Mansfield. He's a good friend and a good musician. Phil Keaggy. Barry McGuire.
[Larry] The boys at dcTalk. I just saw Kevin on Thursday.
[Larry] I love Randy Stonehill. And he's such a great songwriter. And Terry Taylor. He's a bit of a genius when it comes to producing alternative music.
[Larry] Yes, Kevin was going to sing with me at the CCM party.

[BrentP] Howdy Larry! I'm really enjoying the Real Audio "White Trash Vikings" version of "Watch What You're Doin'". Cool Stuff!

[Larry] this year we are not the White Trash Vikings. We are The White Trash Lions.

[Shaaron] Larry, how many times have you been married? Are you currently in a relationship? sorry for being so personal (shaaron)

[Larry] Shaaron. I was married twice, unfortunately.
[Larry] Shaaron. I don't think a man needs to be in a relationship with a woman just because he's alive.

[Shaaron] Larry, why unfortunately!! were you badly hurt? (sharon)

[Larry] No Shaaron. It's unfortunate because if you really love someone and they leave, what do you do with all of that love?

[Lateman] Larry, have you ever done anything with the Billy Graham Crusades?

[Larry] Yes, I worked with Billy in 1973 in Europe. Nothing lately though. I was on the team bus in Australia in the Eighties.

[KcDk] Larry, do you enjoy Koinonia, though it's very much different than your own music?

[Larry] I'm friends with all the guys in Koinonia and I like their music too.

[Smithazoid] So Larry, what do you do for hobbies?

[Larry] No time for hobbies. I read books. Does that count?

[Snakker] Larry...will we get Randy Stonehills 1st album on CD this year?

[Larry] Snakker. The first RS album will not be coming out this year. You'll have to wait.

[Snakker] Larry any insight on Alice Cooper's conversion?

[Larry] I saw Alice Cooper in a restaurant. Bill Ayers and I were at one table and Alice was at another table with two friends.
[Larry] There wasn't anyone else in the restaurant which seemed propitious at the time.

[Snakker] did you talk to Alice Larry?

[Larry] I went out to the car and got some CDs. I walked over to his table and said, "Vince, I was friends with Shep when you first came to Hollywood. ASnd
[Larry] And I told your wife I was going to give here some CDs but I haven't yet.
[Larry] I had been in Vince's town in Arizona but had a heart attack a couple of days later.
[Larry] Then two years after I gave him the CDs my friends told me that he had come out talking about Jesus. I hope I was a little bit of encouragement to hij

[{{Viking}] Larry:is your son going to follow in your steps, and be a musician?

[Larry] VIKING, My son wants to be a preacher but he does a little music now, but he's only twelve.

[Filbert] Larry, did you ever meet/know the late Fransic Schaeffer?

[Larry] I met Francis Schaeffer back in 1970 and I was friends with him and his wife. We used to sit an giggle. Great people.

[Lateman] Larry, do you have any advice for an aspiring Christian musician who wants to make it big in the secular market. It seems like a waste of ministry to me to sing Christian songs for just Christians

[Larry] Lateman, you shouldn't want to make it big in Secular Music. But if you are at a point where you realize you don't need to sing to Christians then you should go to prisons and hospitals, sing on the street, go to schools, go to the park. Swallow your frears and go sing on the sidewalk. And in the p [Larry] and in the jail if they arrest you.

[Larry] My manager from 30 years ago recently passed away. Captain Mikey. He produced the people albums. [Larry] I also had a reunion with People and we will probably record a new album. All the original members except for Robbie, the bass player.

[TimZz] A new album with the People! guys! Superb!!!!

[Larry] Yes, Doctor Tim, a People album. And maybe we'll do something on the Internet.

[MattiasPe] Did you attend the funeral?

[Larry] Yes, I went to the memorial service with Kerry. Bill Ayers was out of town and couldn't go. None of bhe other band members were aable to make it. [Larry] Don Baskin from Syndicate of Sound was there. "Hey Little Girl" was his biggest hit, but he did a lot of good music.

[Michael_A_D] Larry, is Bill Ayers with us today?

[Larry] No Bill is not here today.

[SHAS] Is there an easier way to listen to the music than to download it

[Larry] Shas, learn to play guitar and sing it with your friends. But other than that. Downloading is so much easier.

[KcDk] When will the album be ready?

[Larry] KcDk, until the album comes out, there is a whole album's worth of new recordings available to you on the net today if you go to

[KcDk] Larry, haven't you thought of writing a book of all your experiences - I think your ministry is so inspiring and deserves to come in text !?

[Larry] I don't have time to write a book. Maybe if they perfect this cloning thing I can do music and write and get some sleep too.

[Bry777] Larry it says you are in Oregon. Do you still "live" in EUrope when not touring?!

[Larry] I moved to Oregon just a few years ago. I love the oxygen. It helps me stay well.

[Shaaron] Larry, do you have time for other hobbies outside your music and philosophies (shaaron)

[Larry] Shaaron, I don't really have any hobbies. My life is so challenging that I don't have time. [Larry] Also, there is so much texture in being a Christian that I don't really have a desire for a hobby that I'm not already [Larry] that I'm not already absorbed by. What hobbies do you suggest?

[KcDk] Are you still involved in Vineyard these days?

[Larry] Alex, one of my best friends, is head of Vineyard music. And I just sang at a Vineyard church.

[Lateman] Larry, any chance you will be having a show in Ireland during the month of May? I am going there for a missions trip w/ my college.

[Larry] Yes, I am in Ireland, in Belfast on May 12th I think it is.

[ShelleyEh] Larry I am sure you must have answered this already but I missed it. Did you have heart surgery yet?

[Larry] Right now they don't think I need heart surgery because I'm doing so well, but if I do need it in the future, it's alright by me. Gotta change the batteries every three years if I get the machine put in. And that is big bucks to reopen me.

[howardr] Larry been "listening" to the Q&A here for awhile. Do U get tired of show busniness and being Christian in the industry where you could be more famous and maybe more $$$?

[Larry] howardr: I'm as busy and "famous" as I can stand to be. If I was more "famous" I would have unnecessary presure. [Larry] When I was at the height of "Christian recognition" I hated it. That's one of the reasons I left America.\ [Larry] I have enough $$$ to live my life as God wants me to. What more should I want???

[Murkyvibe] ru on the phone larry

[Larry] Yes, I was on the phone talking to doctor TIM

[Murkyvibe] r they all covers larry?

[Larry] I wrote the first five or six songs of this collection and the rest are songs I like from this century, except forTurnTurn Turn which was written probably 4,000 or mor years ago by Solomon. [Larry] I hope you like the music. I did it just for this party.

[Lateman] Larry, what will you be doing in Belfast (if you don't mind me asking)?

[Larry] Lateman, singing in Belfast. And hoping to encourage those who are still in fear. The promoter for the concert lost his brother in law to a bomb. And the very first concert I did there was bomb threated.

[TimZz] Larry: Do you think that Christian music has regained some direction after the mediocracy and oh-so-correct lyrics of the 80s?

[Larry] I like the newer music, Doctor Tim, and I'm proud of the guys and chicks too, that are making it. [Larry] Years ago I postulated that there had to be garage bands learning to play who would bring back a powerful spirit to kCyristian music. [Larry] Because I know that God is neverchanging and is ongoing, so even if people in the Eighties and early Nineties were [Larry] kind of writing and singing off center of the bullseye, I believed that there were young warriors somewhere waiting to enter the battlefield. I love the newer music.

[Larry] What's happening? Last year people seemed to be talking more about spiritual things.

[Letusreasn] Larry, what is up with Jon Linn? I would love to hear more of him.

[Larry] Jon Linn lives in L.A. To answer an earlier question, he is not in the People.

[Letusreasn] Is he doing music?

[Larry] Jon is always doing music. If we have a music thing next year maybe he can join us.

[Smithazoid] Larry, do you think a true revival is happening in the church?

[Larry] a true revival happens only in the heart of individuals. It never happens in the church. [Larry] God moves in individuals. He does not move in committees.

[Smithazoid] I agree, I'm just wondering what you think about new "manifestations" happening in the church right now.

[Larry] No comment on the new manifestations. I saw them thirty years ago. They are not new. And exactly what do you imagine they manifest. I was surrounded by it and it isn't very edifying to anyone except the individual.

[Smithazoid] Thanks Larry, those are my sentiments exactly and I respect your opinion.

[Smithazoid] What do you say about being told that if you don't accept "manifestations" as being a sign of revival from the Lord, you are putting a curse on the movement of the Holy Spirit?

[Larry] How can anyone stop the Holy Spirit? I'm saying I don't know what a manifestation really is. Does anyone have any opinion on it.

[Smithazoid] A manifestation, as I understand it from where I fellowship, can be anything from violent jerking, shaking, or passing out to moaning out quite loudly.

[Larry] But what does a manifestation infer? Can the Holy Spirit accomplish his work without violence?

[Smithazoid] I guess I'm just wondering if the so called "manifestations" can actually be of the Holy Spirit, since I don't find any reference to these sorts of things in the Bible
[Smithazoid] My gut feeling is that it's of the flesh, mostly. But the church has been told that if they doubt that the jerking and shaking is from the Lord, they are putting a curse on the move of the Lord. Those were basically the pastors words.

[Larry] Smithazoid, I don't think anyone can slow down the work of the Holy Spirit just because they don't understand what God is doing. If it requires our approval to accomplish great things then we are able to stop God in the lives of other, and that is just not possible.

[ShelleyEh] Larry, Did the child pornography bill ever get passed?

[Larry] The child pornography bill did not pass. But the little boy I wrote about got miraculously rescued out of the porn scene and adopted by a Christian family at our CCPC program.

[ShelleyEh] That is too bad about the bill but certainly an answer to prayer about the boy

[Murkyvibe] Larry, how is Mike Row (if you know him)?

[Larry] Haven't seen Mike lately but I'll bet he's doing great.

[Yavin] Hi Larry...back again...hope you've been having a fun wife Val says Hi and wishes you much love.

[Larry] Hi Yavin. Hi Val.

[DaveMan] Larry: loved your Jamn'Java Show in chicago area this last year you added a few lyrics to a song for my crying son.

[Larry] Daveman, I remember. Not the lyrics I sang but your baby crying. I like it when kids cry. It's the sound of life.

[Letusreasn] Larry: if Narz and I can hook you up with Vegas will you come?

[Larry] Yes, if Narz can hook me up I'll be there.

[Letusreasn] I will get with Narz and see what we can do. I would love to get my church to hook you and Rich Weaver up together to do some outreach here.

[Larry] Letusreasn, sounds nice.

[MattiasPe] The state of Israel is celebrating 50 years on the 12th of May. Have you ever been to Israel?

[Larry] I've been to Israel.

[Michael_A_D] larry, do you actually have the time to check your email from the web, and if so, how often?

[Larry] The email is checked every day but not by me. I'm not here. But I get printouts of anything that is to me.

[Shaaron] Thanks Tim, I have been disconnected several times tonight, yes I will have to say Hello at Larry's concert in Belfast, I know Alison & Trevor King already, Is Trevor still the promoter? I used to play squash with his wife. (shaaron)

[Larry] Trevor is still promoting concerts in Belfast. Drop by and say hi.

[Shaaron] Larry, I would love to meet you in Belfast also, (shaaron)

[Larry] Shaaron. Yeh, you can meet us all at Belfast. You can go out and eat with us afterward if any place is open.

[Lateman] I am a concert reviewer for MTV, but they let me review whoever I want. Christian music usually gets overlooked, but I have interviewed Audio Adrenaline, Jars Of Clay, and the Supetones lately.
[Lateman] I figure it might be the only way most Christian bands get on MTV, so I tryto write a lot about them. My stuff all gets posted on MTV Online

[Larry] Lateman, thanks for helping widen God's kingdom a little on MTV.

[PjonPjon] Is Thumper around ?

[Larry] Thumper is here.

[Vernors] Larry I am a project Wild Facilatator and have used your songs in the public school and in training teachers. The teachers always want to know where I get my marerial. Your music reaches the hearts of those who don't know Jesus. What more can you ask for?

[Larry] Vernors, cool.

[Lateman] Larry, what is your take on bands like U2 who claim to be Christians. I many ways their music is very spiritual, but once in awhile their songs are very non-spiritual. Know what I mean

[Yavin] Heh I live near Bono

[Larry] Lateman. U2 know if they are Christians or not. You can't work backwards through someone's lyrics to figure out their spiritual beliefs.

[Yavin] I like what you've just said Larry

[Lateman] Larry, thats true. Bono has claimed to be a Christian many times and I can see that in their songs

[Yavin] I wish more people would think like that and you know...pray for 'em. The Church need to pray for the like of U2

[Murkyvibe] but Larry peoples lyrics are a reflection of their beliefs

[Larry] Murk yes, but if people are trying to be clever and mysterious, they sometimes go to extremes

[DaveMan] Larry: are you ever gonna remake the Song Whenever sarah cries, and what album is that on ??
[DaveMan] is that the songs title
[DaveMan] did you write it, if so how was it inspired ??

[Larry] DaveMan. I might release the song you talk about on the Letter of the Law/Labor of Love CD releases.
[Larry] Yes. That's the song title.
[Larry] Dave, Tom Howard wrote it.

[Michael_A_D] Larry, will bArcheology be released as a CD set, or separately?

[Larry] Michael, I don't know right now about bArcheology.

[ShelleyEh] Larry, my father asked my six year old "What is the meaning of Life?"...her answer; "we don't really own this house...heaven is my home...we're only visiting this planet."

[Larry] Ah, the wisdom of a six year old.

[ShelleyEh] Larry, She of course will be at the Toronto Concert.

[Larry] I'll see her in Toronto, ShelleyEh.

[DaveMan] Larry: I sing a lot of your songs to people, they always love it and ask if I wrote it, I always love telling them about you, if I continue to do this, do I need special permission from you ??

[Larry] Dave, you can sing my songs without permission.

[Lateman] Larry, you have probably never heard it, but U2 does a song called God Part III. It is alot like one of your songs. I can't remember the title, but I'm thinking its called God Part II

[Larry] U2 song, right.

<[leffi] larry - have you been writing new songs lately? what are you concerned about

[Larry] Some of my new songs are on the Internet today Jeffi

[BigKev] Larry, have you read a book called Henry and the Great Society? Yuo can get it from Free book awesome ministry.

[Larry] Hey BigKev. Maybe you could order it for me. I'm leaving for Holland in a few days and I have tons of stuff to do before I go and I know I won't get around to ordering it.

[PaulParisi] Larry, re: the book, I send it out earlier in the month. Sounds like you did not get it... I will have to check into it...

[Larry] PaulParisi, I've been gone for weeks, basically, so I haven't really looked through my personal mail yet.

[Lateman] Larry, any chance of meeting in Belfast?

[Larry] Possible to meet in Belfast, yes.

[Lateman] Larry, any chance I could do a duet with you in Belfast. Maybe "The Outlaw" or "Six Sixty-Six". It would be one of my dreams. I can assure you that it would work out good. I have done the Outlaw at some coffeehouses here and it sounded great. With a little practice we could sound terrific. How does that sound
[Lateman] I play guitar and sing. I think it would be really cool, not to mention a dream of mine to sing with one of my musical heroes

[Larry] Lateman. I don't know. The idea of singing with someone onstage during an intense concert is hard for me to imagine.

[Lateman] Larry, I think we could work it out well. I would love to praise God with you on stage

[Lateman] Larry, not to be a pest, but this is the only chance I will ever get to try to play with you. Just one song. It would be an incredible experience for me.

[Larry] Lateman, you'd have to talk to me in Belfast, and I would probably say no. Maybe you should analyze WHY you want to sing on stage and why it is a "dream of yoru| to do it.

[Lateman] I want to sing on stage because that is what I am going to do with my life and what better person to do it with then with the person to whom I have been listening since I was in elementary school

[Larry] Lateman if you want to sing on stage then you should start by witnessing in school, on the streets.

[ShelleyEh] Lateman, asking larry to let you sing with him is like asking Billy Graham to let you preach with him.

[Larry] If a person can't witness without a guitar then they don't have the spiritual authority or the right to stand on a stage.
[Larry] Just my opinion.

[Lateman] Thats what I will be doing in Ireland on my missions trip.

[Lateman] Larry, maybe one day we will perform together. If not in Belfast then in heaven

[Larry] Lateman I'm not going to be doing any of my songs in Heaven. I'm just going to sing God's praises with the songs I learn from the angels. So maybe you can come backstage and do a fast harmony

[Lateman] Larry what if the angels are singing UFO or something

[Larry] Lateman, I'll bet when you get older you won't be into music as much as you are now. Do you think?

Lateman] I don't know. I'd like to be playing music my whole life
[Lateman] Take care Larry. See you in Belfast. I'll briing my guitar

[unclepeter] Hey, Larry....Erik , Melissa and the Band are doing a WARSHIP (worship) weekend in the we type.

[Larry] I didn't know Melissa played with a band. Tell me more.

[unclepeter] Melissa and Erik and some friends have a real kickin' band...with a serious anointing....Erik , Lenny and others are writing their own lyrics.

[Larry] Well Melissa is a great musician. I wish she'd record that classical piece I kept requesting she play. The way she did it was totally different from any record I've heard of it.

[unclepeter] I will relate your request........ she is still taking music history and has 50 piano students now.

[AlanR] It's been a great year to be a Larry Norman fan what with the release of UTR and Streams. Any chance there will be re-releases of some other older stuff?

[Larry] The Phydeaux Phan Klubb will be releasing a CD of unreleased tracks, but you have to join. It's a private kind of a deal for those who want to go deeper.

[AlanR] I was thinking more of titles like Street Level or Bootleg. Any chance we'll see a re-release of these?

[Wembley-F] how's one join the Phydeux club? there info on the webpage for that?

[Larry] To join the Phydeaux Phan Klubb you have to write to Street Level at Solid Rock Records in Salem. Do you need the address.

[Larry] The address is 3760 Market Street NE - Suite 306 in Salem, Oregon 97301.
[Larry] For the address to apply for club membership.

[Lynds] Larry, I last saw you in England at an impromptu gig in a record tent at greenbelt 6 or 7 years ago,any chance of another?

[Larry] Lynds, maybe.

[{{Vernon}}] hello there, who ever is on camera

[Larry] Vernon, that's my disguise this year instead of wearing an Uncle Sam hat.

[DNARZ] Hello
[DNARZ] Whats Larry going by now?

[Larry] Narz hey, you're back

[DNARZ] [DNARZ hello Larry
[DNARZ] I think I am
[DNARZ] Do you see my name here

[Larry] Yes I see yourname, Dave.

[DNARZ] Hows Dad?
[DNARZ] How is Mikey
[DNARZ] Besides 12

[Larry] Call me and we can talk. Tomorrow, or tonight Narz.

[DNARZ] Can Tim give me the number?

[Larry] NArZ yEs and yes again.

[DNARZ] All the numbers I have for you are in LA
[DNARZ] OK Love ya talk to you later

[Larry] Bye Narz, hey I'm thinking of putting some of your songs from the album into a boxed set.

[DNARZ] I'm going to do a song on Annie Meadows album this Sept.
[DNARZ] I'd love to hear those songs again

[Larry] Well, Narz, you are part of the Solid Rock Records history. I want people to hear your music.

[DNARZ] I'd love to be part of it. lets do it before we go to Heaven
[DNARZ] They might not like it up their
[DNARZ] Does this mean I have to Diet?

[{{Vernon}}] NARZ had a record thru Solid Rock?

[Larry] Vernon, yes Theophilus Rex was the album and Narz is a great singer and his is one of the albums that never got released.

[{{Vernon}}] Ok, I would love to hear it, sometime.

[DNARZ] Never did the vocals, other than scratch

[Larry] Every artists thinks his vocals are scratch quality. I'd like to re-sing all my albums myself.

[pjc] Hi from Portugal

[Larry] Hi to Portugal. Were you at the concert I did two years ago in Spain?

[pjc] No. I friend of mine was there... Carla. Do you remenber her?

[AlanR] who's wearing the uncle sam hat?

[Larry] Charly had the Uncle Sam hat on.

[AlanR] cool hat charly

[unclepeter] Larry: Do you still have the RING that Matthew made you??

[Larry] Yes, I have the ring. I told him that maybe other people would want a copy of the Solid Rock ring because it looks so cool.

[unclepeter] Larry: I have one , as well.

[SHAS] have you mentioned how your health is these days ,Larry!!!!

[Larry] My health is alright these days SHAS

[TimZz] Larry: I have to leave for a while...but I'll be back ASAP. Tompa will look after the invites etc
[TimZz] Larry: maybe you'll still be around until I get back....
[TimZz] Larry: if not...hear you sson & see you in Belfast!

[Larry] Bye Tim. I'm leaving soon myself.

[unclepeter] Did you get the Aunt Patty message, 'bout the Words??

[Larry] Yeh I got the message Peter.

[Shaaron] Larry, See you in Belfast soon, hope you remain well, (shaaron)

[Larry] Bye Shaaron.

[DNARZ] Think you'd like to come and play in Vegas?

[Larry] Vegas, yes.

[BigKev_thehumble] Well, it's my birthday and my wife and I are going out. Thanks for your ministry. I sing many of your songs. I love em all. God bless. And good night, Larry

[Larry] Bye, BigKev.

[Larry] 1I'm getting ready to sign off. Thank you everyone, for coming to the party.

[Vernors] Bye Larry THANK YOU.

[Larry] Bye Vernor.

[IanDuncan] Thanks Larry, See you again Next year if not before.

[Larry] Bye IanDuncan

[Snakker] Hope to see you in Japan sometime, Larry!

[Larry] Snakker, invite me and I'll come.

[Snakker] Larry, let's do some concerts in Japan. This country is hurting and the young people are without hope.

[Larry] Snakker, I'm open to going back to Japan, but I need more details. Call me at 503-391-1175

[Snakker] Larry, I will call you.

[Larry] Thanks Snakker.

[Letusreasn] My son defended you in school the other day when someone took the UFO lyrics out of context. He was very proud.

[Larry] Letusreasn that sounds like your son loves being a Christian.

[Snakker] Larry, thanks for your music. It has meant a lot to me in my christian walk.

[Larry] Thank you Snakker.

[Lateman] Larry, I apologize for sounding like a jerk about playing with you.

[Larry] Lateman, that's ok. I forgive you.

[Larry] SHAS you asked a question when you first signed on but I forgot to answer. What was it?

[SHAS] I was wondering if you struggled with pride as most musicians since musicians are put on a pedistal so much?

[Larry] No, Pride is not that much of an issue with me. After being rebuked and rejected for so many years, when the church finally accepted me I wasn't really concerned with their embrace. The music was not for them in the first place.

[pjc] Larry, do you accept an invitation to come to Portugal?

[Larry] pjc, it's possible I can come again, but you have to give me more information about Portugal.

[Larry] Also the concert in me at 503-391-1175

[DNARZ] Wasn't your birthday much earlier in the month?

[Larry] My birthday was on April 8. My party is never on my birthday.


[{{Vernon}}] see ya
[markieman] Goodbye
[Snakker] Larry, sayonara!
[Letusreasn] Thanks for the opportunity to chat and for the answers.
[Letusreasn] See you in Vegas.
[DNARZ] GOODBYE, Iwas just watching, because Debbie wont let me hang up
[DaveMan] We love you brother
[PjonPjon] Hope to see you soon Larry !

[Larry] BYE Everyone, Debbie, Dave, Peter, Pjon, Mattias, Snakker

[MattiasPe] Bye Larry!

[Larry] Mattias, when did you get online?

[MattiasPe] I've been here all the time!
[MattiasPe] Great to "see" you again! Welcome back to Sweden!

[Larry] Thanks Mattias

[MattiasPe] We'll fix a better per diem next time, Larry!

[Larry] Hey Mattias, write to me with the name of the pastor and I want to talk to you by phone

[MattiasPe] OK, Larry! I'll fax you...

[PjonPjon] Larry is it possible for you to do a chat again in the near future ?

[Larry] Pjon, I don't know.

[markieman] Had a question... would I be able to mail it to you Larry?

[Larry] What's your question Markieman

[markieman] about "Let the rain fall down" my favourite...
[markieman] What is the story behind that song?

[Larry] Let the Rain Fall Down sounds like it's about me but it's for other people. I don't even sing the first couple verses in concert anymore.

[Larry] Bye Everyone. God bless you all.


[Larry] Shaaron. Give me a call at 503-391-1175 if you can. Otherwise, write. You too Narz

[MattiasPe] Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care....
[Snakker] Bye, Larry! Let's all Let Larry rest his fingers!
[markieman] Thanks Larry
[Guest33817] Bye, Larry! God Bless!
[milt] ok bye larry oh and hi

[Larry] Bye milt. Bye guest. Bye Mattias, Shaaron, kSnakker, Markieman, everyone

[Snakker] Wow, Japan's having an earthquake! Maybe a sign that J.C.'s on His way.

[Larry] How big is the earthquake Snakker?

[Snakker] It was about a 4 or 5 - no kidding. My TV just about fell off the stand. We have been having hundreds a day off the coast, but most of them are not detectable.
[Snakker] I've been here for 13 years so I'm used to them. God gives me peace when everything is shaking.

[Larry] Tim - can you invite Kenny Bam Boom in?
[Larry] Or Mattias?

[MattiasPe] KennyBamBoom invited!

[Larry] Kenny, you were just in the other room talking to Charly.
[Larry] Thanks for the music. It sounds really good.