Streams Of White Light Into Darkened Corners (1977)

Larry sings songs written by celebraties who had jumped on the `70s spiritual bandwagon. Features Randy Stonehill as a disc-jockey!


(AB Records, AB 777, 1977)

Spirit In The Sky (N. Greenbaum)
Put Your Hand In The Hand (G. MacLellan)
Bridge Over Troubled Water (P. Simon)
Let It Be (Lennon-MacCartney)
My Sweet Lord (G. Harrison)
Presence Of The Lord (E. Clapton)
I Think He's Hiding (R. Newman)
He Gives Us All His Love (R. Newman)
Stranger In A Strange Place (L. Russel)
Prince of Peace (L. Russel)
Song For Adam (J. Browne)
Shine A Light (Jagger-Richard)

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