Greetings From Quoeleth, Three Days In The Deep With Leviathan


... linear notes to be continued on double set.

HARD LUCK BAD NEWS - feeling that life is a strange ordeal for which none of us has been prepared, pilgrim sees himself as the most unfortunate of men.

FEELING SO BAD - seeking the comfort of human love and misperceiving the motives behind her departure, pilgrim discovers that life is not completed by human love and friendship; that something is still missing.

pilgrim feels that somehow he is dying. he is afraid of death but wants to be freed of his personal torment, the unkindness shown to him by others, and the evil he has brought upon himself.

BORN TO BE UNLUCKY - finding himself torn between a troubled past and an uncertain future, pilgrim throws himself onto the crossroads between life and death; he encounters divine intervention, struggles with his choice, and through faith receives a completed salvation.

WATCH WHAT YOU'RE DOING - warning others not to make the same mistakes he has made, pilgrim turns toward his new life and leaves the illusions and paucities of his past. behold, he discovers that he is truly something new under the Son.

LEAVING THE PAST BEHIND - exultantly, pilgrim walks the road which never ends. lamenting the dilemma of humanity and the troubled days of man, pilgrim walks with great deliberation and talks with urgency spreading the good news of the Light which has come into a world that dwells in great darkness.

PUT YOUR LIFE INTO HIS HANDS - "i was blind but now i've learned to see," testifies pilgrim, and preclaims that the Rock of Ages has rolled him down a path less travelled where the gate is strait and the road is narrow.

LARRY NORMAN'S 97TH NIGHMARE - pilgrim has a strange dream; that the night in which he has wandered is suddenly filled with brightness and that he next finds himself at the Gates of Heaven. a Hand reaches out to touch his head but he falls through a hole in Heaven and lands back on earth, in his bed. the dream causes him deep sorrow because he fears he is not yet ready to enter Heaven, but he restores his hope by watchfully awaiting the moment when his dream shall not be a dream but a reality which shatters the silent indifference of a sleeping world.

LET THAT TAPE KEEP ROLLING (C:12/L:5) - "let your love keep flowing, let your faith keep growing ... let your light keep shining, be careful what you're signing," pilgrim exhorts and further proclaims the reality of his new life. "i started out ... and took the message in my heart ... and went down to the tower ... i wanted to say something ... i know where i am going and i know who i must be ... don't care how long it takes me 'cause there's lots of things to see ... He knocked on my door ... He came into my heart ... i'm going home ... 'cause when the Lord gets ready, you gotta move."

"and if you listen quietly you'll hear a different kind of Tune. but you have to listen quietly ... and you have to listen every day."

fadeout: side one

(end of pause)

Original LP version

i had a dream which was a nightmare. it was the last time i saw fehrion. i was walking backwards, picking up the pieces and looking for the footprints of the doctor. the butterfly had flown and a little wooden man said "we sleep till he arrives." but they made him go back five steps which placed him right here and also in the kitchen hanging onto a dead phone and looking at the chicken.

two times seven the clock struck eleven. and then seven days at the edge of space and i told them i'm a neo-primitive. i gotta get back to earth. i feel like dying, phase two is ensuing. be careful what you sign, you gotta watch what you're doing.

CD Re-release version

i had a dream - a nightmare. it was the last time i saw fehrion.
walking backwards, picking up the pieces; cultures carrion.
you can kill all the lawyers and incarcerate the proctor
i'm looking for the footprints of the man who is the Doctor.

the butterfly had flown. the little wooden man intoned,
"we sleep till he arrives." he was made go back five
steps which placed him right here - and there - in the kitchen,
hanging onto a dead phone; looking at the chicken.

two times seven - the clock struck eleven.
not all who say Lord, Lord, shall enter Heaven
we are stranded, babble on - seven days - the edge of space
but someday behind the curtain we shall see Him face to face.

i'm not your vinyl puppet - that's not what i am worth.
i'm a neo-primitive. gotta get back to earth.
i feel like dying - phase two is ensuing.
be careful what you sign - you gotta watch what you're doing.

1/3/7/8/9/12/33/40 and multiples therof and don't stop at 144. 156 = 12/174 = 12 (and 13/14)

vocals, guitars, drums, bass, piano, harmonica, saxophone, all harmonies, photography, artwork, etc. L.N. / Jon Linn: guitars, slide, essence, and flaming fingers / Tim Jaquette: bass and mixes / Alex MacDougall: drums and friendship / Peter Johnson: drums and ambience / Dave Coy: bass / Billy (Shazam) Batstone: bass / Thomas and Randall: loose strings and paperwork / Joanie: studio co-ordination / Dave and Bobby: pasteup

to lip jagged and rich cliffard in the spirit of robert johnson and g.k. chesterson.

from a buick 6 ..... with love through a rough mix to zimmy, sarah, charles, joe n marge, norman miller, stan n buddy, mark n janet, alwyn n barratt, and to fehrion wherever you are

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