1970 seems to have been a good year for inspiration. Larry was living in the little white cottage in Hollywood with his white cat, Angel. He had already written "I Am A Servant," "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus," and a dozen other key songs which he planned to use in the series of albums he was recording. "The Tune" was not a song he had planned to write. Like many of his up-tempo songs and all of his comedic social commentaries, "The Tune" came into existence one night when Larry was on stage. In between two established songs, he was improvosong a little instrumental sequence of "ricky-ticky" notes and chords which suddenly fell apart when he made several mistakes in a row. "Well," he said, laughing, "Once there was a tune!" When he spoke those five words, something was triggered in his mind. He was immediately struck by the ppossibilities so he explored the symbolism further. "And everyone knew how it went...but as time went by, people began to forget...until at one could remember." It came slowly at first, but then it all rushed out into a complete story. Every word seemed to be in place.

After the concert, Larry realized he would never be able to remember the story he had told unless someone had taped the concert and he could borrow the tape, write down all the words, and memorize what he had done musically. He was talking and praying with people backstage after the concert and had no time to look for a tape but someone walked backstage holding a cassette tape player. They had recorded the whole concert and agreed to let Larry borrow the recording.

Larry performed "The Tune" at most of his concerts for many years following. "The Tune" was first recorded for a live album at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1972. The recording you are holding is the studio version, taped in 1977 in Hollywood.

This limited edition release contains the full length recording of "The Tune" and also a longer version of "If I Got My Ticket" than will be found in the stores. A little something extra from Phydeaux. The royalties from this special pressing will be given to the Calcutta Mission.

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